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How do you make your event stand out from all the others?

Planning an event or conference is a lot of work. You line up the best, most engaging, informative communicators you can. You plan for those special moments to WOW your attendees so they will have an unforgettable experience (and plan to return for next year's event before this year is even over!). There's the music, swag bags, food…

Then you have to think about capturing and documenting the event as it's happening.

At every conference, photographers and videographers roam the venue looking to capture moments as they unfold.
What if there was a unique way to capture the experience and moments of your conference or special event?

A way that made you stand out from other events?

You're in luck! That's exactly what you get when you book me to live sketch your event. I'm a Visual Artist, creating live digital sketches that tell the story of your conference, or event, in real time. These are not mass produced images, but rather, Art that is created from carefully curated moments that tell stories from your event in a one-of-a-kind way.

My name is Mike Brennan. I am an alumni of two of the best art schools in NYC, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and The School of Visual Arts. I'm a creative professional with years of experience in art and design, the creative process & problem solving.

I have worked in large corporate advertising agencies with clients from Mobile, Heineken, Chase Manhattan Bank, to smaller agencies with clients like Tuscan/Lehigh Valley Dairies, Sportcraft, and more. In past years, I have brought my design solutions and creativity to the non-profit world. I've also been to my fair share of conferences as an attendee, so I have the benefit of seeing things through your audience's eyes.
Attendees not only love the final sketches, but they love to watch the process unfold before their very eyes. The live part of the sketching adds to the buzz!
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How does it work?

During your event, from the audience, I observe and then capture environments, moods, people and places that tell the stories and special moments I encounter as the event unfolds. Each sketch is created digitally (using an iPad Pro) in my original expressive style.

Think of it as a form of storytelling and journalism, only with digital sketches. There's actually a term for it – "Reportage Art" – the practice of sketching subjects and events, on location, in real time.

How many sketches do you create during an event?

The estimated time is typically two-three sketches per hour.

Everyone from attendees to speakers love Event Sketches!
What type of sketches do I create?
Depending on your needs, sketches can include:
Speakers, communicators, musicians on stage
Crowd interactions
Special moments during the event
(Mechanical bull riding competition? No problem.)
(Logos, special props on stage, etc.)
Do you only sketch conferences?
Not exclusively. I can also be hired to sketch events such as:
Yoga Events and Retreats
Private parties
What Are People Saying?
Take it from the event planners and promoters...
"Mike captured a special day in the life of our church called 'Liquid at the Shore' in Ocean Grove, NJ. The day was filled with all of our campuses coming together under one roof for one epic service, a guest appearance by magician Justin Flom, and ended the day with beach baptisms! Mike created digital sketches live during the entire event, even guest posting them to our Instagram account to get maximum crowd involvement. He made a special day even more memorable with his incredible art!"
Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of Liquid Church
"Having the unique, creative art of Mike Brennan gave me a powerful art-form to help spread the message of Global Citizen. He creates vibrant, engaging art, and has an incredible ability to capture his subject matter with heart and enthusiasm."
Kweku Mandela, Activist & Filmmaker, Global Citizen Event
"Mike Brennan is a game changer. He wowed our audience and speakers with his art. I won't host another conference without him."
— Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author and Founder of Tribe Conference
"Having Mike Brennan sketch live at The Thing conference added an unexpected layer to our event. It connected with the attendees in the room and got the attention of those who weren't in the room.

As a producer of Live events for the last 20 years, nothing has got people talking more than adding visual storytelling to this year's event. Not only are the illustrations great for social media, but it also encourages everyone in the room to lean into learning in a fresh new way. In the days and weeks since the event, I hear from someone almost every day talking about Mike's work and the attention that it brought to our event.

If you're an event planner you should hire him right now! I promise it will be a huge win for your event. You can guarantee that he will be back next year!"

– Terry Weaver, Author, Speaker, & Founder of The Thing
"If you are looking to stand out, have a fun, unique and creative addition to your next event, Mike is the guy you have been looking for. His work is vibrant & very different from anything I've seen out there. He truly knows how to capture the vibe & experience within his art for you to treasure."
– Jodi Kobrin, Founder of Fly + Release Yoga & Fly Lyf Retreats
"Mike's live event sketches brought an excitement to my event that really captured not only the speakers, attendees and atmosphere, but provided a unique way of storytelling. Following the event, I even partnered with Mike to have a printed custom book of the event sketches. The book helped attendees relive some of the key moments, and provided a great marketing tool for the event to stay top of mind long after it concluded."
- Justin Schenk, Growth Now Movement Live
"Live event sketches brought an exciting level of engagement to the Hello Conference! Mike's sketches wowed speakers and attendees, as they watched the sketching process unfold. People were also engaged with the sketches on social media. It provided not only unique content, but great storytelling for social media marketing. I highly recommend Mike's live event sketching for your next conference or event."
- Brooke Sellas, Hello Conference
"Mike and his colorful and to-the-point sketches have been an outstanding asset to our virtual summit!
We were able to share his artwork in realtime with our speakers at the end of each keynote/panel discussion. They were flattered and moved to be captured in Mike's unique event sketch style! Mike adds variety to online events and prevents participants from experiencing the typical "zoom fatigue". We highly recommend him for any of your future event engagements, and would love to have Mike onboard soon again! "
- Laura Goetze, 50by40 International Events Manager
"Mike's sketches from our New Food Virtual Conference were the perfect way to showcase our program and key quotes for the audience. It's also wonderful for us as organizers to have such a special reminder of the event, and be able to use it for post-event coverage. Various press portals have selected Mike's sketches to use for post-event coverage, which makes us very proud.

Mike, thank you so much for your dedication, your inspiring ideas, and your unwavering sense of humor. It was a pleasure to work with you!"
- Lea Stockmeier, International Event Management, ProVeg International
Extra Event Sketch Services
Social Media Marketing:
Event sketches can be used in real time, sharing the story of your event as it unfolds. Speakers, musicians and sponsors can be tagged for maximum engagement and sharing. Sketches become a community thing!
Collective Event Book:
Your Event Sketches can be made into a collective digital PDF or printed book which can be used as guest follow up or given as special event thank you's. (post-event)
Speaker Gifts:
Event Sketch speaker portraits can be created in advance of your event, so that you can gift a unique piece of art as a speaker thank you. It's a great way to make an impression and stay memorable.
Want the Event Sketch look to encompass your branding? Utilize the unique look to create a visual identity that's memorable. Brand with signage, lanyards, event posters, conference notebooks and more.
Ready to tell the story of your event?
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